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Mr. Claude Pourreau, the owner of Château Les Moines since 1968, comes from a family of winemakers located in the heart of the Medoc for several generations. After various experiences in other economic domains, he finally decided to continue the family tradition and dedicate himself to his greatest passion: the vines. From numerous medals and awards as well as flattering comments from specialized press certify the merit and the qualities of this wine.

Close to the ocean and the Gironde Estuary, the terroir is situated on a limestone plateau, the famous “limestone Couquèques”, which is a very fossilized sedimentary limestone. The vines find this terroir ideal. The soil there is particularly filterable, allowing a rapid warming of the soil which is especially favorable to the development of the maturity of Cabernet Sauvignon.


The geographic situation associated with this very specific terroir offers beautifully matured grapes with a good concentration, providing rich wines and great complexity, with dark and deep colours.

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