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Castello di Monsanto [Castle on the Hill] was founded in 1960 by entrepreneur and Piemonte native Fabrizio Bianchi, who along with his wife Giuliana, began to replant and regenerate the vineyards on the property after having fallen in love with wines that were found in the cellar.


In 1962, the first wines of Castello di Monsanto were realised and for the first time from within the Chianti Classico region the very first "Il Poggio" (single vineyard) wines were created. Not content to rely on his early success, Fabrizio, in 1968 decided to further innovate the wine making in the region by eliminating the white grape components of the Il Poggio blend (Trebbiano and Malvasia) which at the time were a mandatory requirement for designated wines of Chianti Classico. His reasoning being that he felt that the true expression of the Chianti Classico could only come from Sangiovese.

In true entrepreneurial spirit, in 1974 Fabrizio began experimenting with Chardonnay in order to create and pioneer a Tuscan white wine befitting of the Castello di Monsanto name. Today, these vineyards are the oldest Chardonnay vines in the Tuscany region.

Today, the management of the business is under the direction of Fabrizio's daughter Laura, who, since 1989 has been involved in the winery under the tutelage of her father. Under Laura's direction, the winery continues to flourish and the wines continue to receive exceptional reviews from the wine media around the world. 

Castello di Monsanto is home to the largest collection of vintage Chianti Classico "Il Poggio" single vineyard wines in the world. It is any wine collector or wine lovers candy store filled with every vintage of "Il Poggio" ever released.

Castello di Monsanto produces several wines starting with a delightful and easy drinking Chianti  made with Sangiovese and Merlot through to Nemo - the Super Tuscan - produced from Cabernet Sauvignon. The famed Chianti Classico wines from Castillo di Monsanto are produced in "Annata", "Riserva" and "Gran Selezione" classification which is produced from an "Il Poggio" or single vineyard.

It is interesting to note that Castello di Monsanto is one of the few wineries in the Chianti Classico region who produces more "Riserva" classified Chianti Classico wine than in the "Annata" classification, with Laura and her family wanting you to have the opportunity to enjoy more of the true expression of the Chianti Classico style. 

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